Are you really playing tennis?

Maybe an obvious point, but are you practicing and/or playing with old or flat tennis balls?

If so, you are likely not “really” playing tennis.

Big hitters and servers will usually have an advantage with new balls.  On the other hand, slicey, dicey, lobbing, drop shotters could actually benefit from dead balls.


When is a win a big defeat?


Notice we said, “defeat” and not “loss” because you actually won the match.  You know where we’re going with this.  Many of us have been there and the “defeat” is monster.

You also know the score. And recently on the WTA, a big time match ended the exact same way.  The dreaded 7-5,7-5 “DEFEAT”.  It seems these matches always go 5 & 5.

Serena and Nicalescue at the BNP.

How can club-level players deal with these “defeats”, learn from them and minimize the sleepless nights.  More to come …