The serve and leg drive

“The one commonality in great servers I think is a big knee bend, a big, strong base leg,” Roddick told Tennis Now. “I think people talk about shoulders and live arm a lot – I think that’s probably overstated.

“I think the part that’s understated is if you look at Sampras and Becker and Ivanisevic, just the power and drive they get from their legs.”

Grip pressure myth

Camila+Giorgi+General+Views+Wimbledon+Opening+IR1MvMJwcevlDo the arms, wrists, and hands look “loose and relaxed” to you?

This idea that the grip, wrists, and arms are very relaxed, sometimes described as “spaghetti like” I think is not only NOT helpful but can actually be harmful.

This concept can lead to a total misconception of how it all works, especially for the serve.

As I like to say though, “try it”.  Do your dispersion study and see what works, then see if it is effective.