Copy the Pro Model

Let TennisBridge.com help you bridge the gap between the club level game and the pro model.

This section is devoted to …
– Tips, Tricks and Techniques
– Myths and Misconceptions
– What the Pros Do that You Don’t
– Analogies, Visualizations, and Feelings
– Equipment and Reviews
– and more …

Just one seemingly minor change could lead to that “a ha” moment.

Wow, now I finally get it.

What the Pros Do that You Don’t. But you could and you should. Major and minor differences that make a big difference. You will be surprised at the number. Copy the Pro model.

Start your experimenting here at TennisBridge. Through trial and error, you WILL get there, and the work is half the fun. 100’s of tips, tricks and techniques are presented here to help you learn the pro mechanics, exertions and timing.

We continue to search for, refine, and develop analogies, visualizations, feelings, and easy-to-perform related motions that mirror the correct exertions. You can experience, or sense, what’s right. It might not feel right at first, but give them a try and let the results be the judge.

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